Creators - Sonja and Thomas GapinskiSonja and Thomas Gapinski are the creative duo behind Swirlbots.

Sonja created Swirlbots as an art project. She developed a group of characters and painted them on T-shirts and canvas. She gave each Swirlbot a name and super power, then she began using them as characters in bedtime stories.

Thomas thought Swirlbots had huge potential and began working with Sonja on a plan to create an animated educational series.

Their goal is to combine all of their passions and skills in order to grow Swirlbots into a thriving brand dedicated to teaching kids about environmental conservation & sustainability.

Sonja and Thomas are Jacksonville natives and graduates of the University of Florida. Sonja earned a BS in Wildlife Ecology and Conservation, and Thomas earned a BS in Advertising. Together, they own and operate Motionbuzz Multimedia, Inc., a design and marketing company based in Orange Park, FL. They have two children and stay active in the community by volunteering as youth soccer coaches and Scout leaders.